Consulting on Steroids

Don't have the budget to hire a PR Team? We've still got you covered!

Just because you have a small budget, doesn't mean you have to do the heavy lifting alone. 

For individuals and organizations planning DIY PR campaigns, Kindred Impact offers a specialized consulting service that gives you everything you need to mount an effective DIY PR campaign, at a fraction of the cost.

Step-by-Step Campaign Development

PR Materials Creation

Media Lists

Media Relations Assistance

We assist you in finding the most news-worthy story angles. Help you create all of your PR pitches, press releases, and any other needed material. Compile targeted Local and National media lists researched to specifically find the press people that would be most receptive to your story. Finally, we hold your hand through the outreach process, even providing reminders to keep you on a timely track with your campaign and alerts to advise you of any new media opportunities.

If you have the time to send out a few emails and write a couple of paragraphs, we can give you everything you need to execute an effective DIY PR campaign.

DIY doesn't have to mean going it alone.

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