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Lack of plans and funding can derail even the most promising of creative careers.   If an artist is unable to handle the business end of the arts or provide for their day‐to‐day needs, they run the risk of being unable to continue their work or - perhaps worse - losing control of it. 

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Kindred Impact offers a combined 30 years of experience in Arts Marketing and Media Relations to create business development programs that empower artists to be self-sufficient in the areas of business and marketing.

We offer customized course creation for Arts non-profits and organizations that provide support for artists. All courses are created to be applicable for any type of artist and can also be customized for specific mediums. Organizations can choose to contract Kindred Impact to provide courses in their entirety or they can choose to present only selected sessions based on the needs of their members. 


Artists can also contact us directly to participate in pre-scheduled workshops.


Art Business Programming

Media Relations

  • Finding and Creating a Pitch

  • Identifying Your Audiences

  • Selecting the Best Outlets

  • Developing Campaign Materials

  • Outreach/Response

  • How to Use Your Press

Online Arts Marketing

  • Building a Website

    • Website Building Tools

    • Portfolio Websites vs Interactive Websites

  • Listing Your Website

  • SEO for Artists

  • Social Media Creation & Development

  • Selling on Your Website

  • Joining Online Art Galleries

The Business of Art

Part I

  • Funding Your Art/Life as an Artist

    • Finding Grants

    • Artists' Loans

  • Legally Protecting Your Art

    • Copyrighting

  • Art Markets and Sales Channels

    • Markets

    • Processes

    • Finance

Part II

  • Self-Promotion

    • Creating an Identity

    • Defining a Style

    • Differentiation

    • Networking

    • Trends​

  • The Realities of Representation

    • Do You Need an Agent?

    • Types of Agents

    • Presenting to an Agent

    • Expectations

    • Online Presence

  • Opportunities for Exposure

  • Licensing

Get the tools you need to intelligently manage your creative journey.


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